Gareth Llewellyn - Oct 19, 2016

10 interview tips you should definitely know

We will always do everything we can to ensure you achieve your career goals, however, there is a part of the process we have no control over and that’s the interview. The reason people don’t do as well as they hoped can be due to nerves. Although you may never completely overcome your nerves, there are certain things you can do to make sure you are as ready as can be before the interview.

To help you out we’ve put our expert heads together and come up with these top 10 tips.

1. Research the company

Having a good understanding what the organisation does, who their customers or clients are and lastly, their competitors can give you the opportunity to discuss the company on an eye to eye level. This will show you have completed some independent research and prove to the interviewer you really want the role.

2. Know your role

Knowing the role inside out is possibly the most important tip of all. This is what you will be doing day in, day out and an in-depth understanding of this can really demonstrate your expertise. Try to give examples of your skills, how they tie into the role and how ultimately you can make a difference.

3. Dress for success

First impressions count. You may be perfectly qualified for the role and capable of making lots of money for the company, however, this is the first time you are meeting your potential employer. Dressing for success is a simple way to show your professionalism and personality.

4. Prepare for the common questions

In almost every interview you’ll be asked common questions such as “Why would you like to work here”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses” and “Give an example of when you’ve exercised leadership”. Having a general idea on what you are going to say will show confidence and ensure you don’t get stuck for something to say.

5.  Punctuality

You can actually make an impression before the interview starts. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early and make sure you plan your route to where the interview is being held before the actual day. This will help you stay focused on your interview preparation rather than worrying about being late.

6.  Stay Calm

It’s good practice before your interview, to have a couple of techniques that will help you calm your nerves. You will only stress yourself out if you go through the job description again. A great technique is deep breathing, which is often underestimated as a solution to ease anxiety.

7. Body language

Your ability to compose yourself and use positive body language comes from feeling confident. A simple smile, eye contact, sitting up straight and hand gestures while speaking, will work wonders to sell yourself to the interviewer.

8. Build Rapport

People love friendly people and it’s not always the best candidate who gets the job. Building great rapport can be as easy as establishing common ground, or listening carefully to what your interviewer says and if you can, try rephrasing their responses to demonstrate you’ve understood them.

9. Ask the interviewer a question

Not asking any questions during your interview can make you seem disinterested.  Simple questions like “What’s the main thing your organisation expects from its employees” can work wonders for you. You’ll seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

10. End positively

When the interview is about to come to an end, try to finish on a positive note. You will leave a positive vibe with your interviewer. This can be something simple “Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you”

D R Newitt are here for you every step of the way. From the moment you send your CV, to the moment you have your first day with your new employer. If you need any further help before the interview we’ve set up for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I hope you have found these useful and remember, please comment and share.

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