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Libby Stanitsas

How did you get your start in recruitment?

I started my career in customer service before moving into sales and finally finding recruitment!

I found recruitment almost by accident as I searched for a way to pull together all of the best parts of my experience and what I enjoyed doing the most.

Recruitment offered me a way to build strong relationships, control my own day, my own clients and my own candidates in such a way that I am always being challenged and very much rewarded when I match the right person to the right team.

We are all consultants here and there is a big difference between a consultant and a sales person, I really found what I was looking for once I understood that.

Why D R Newitt?

The support from D R Newitt was amazing from the very start. I had some recruitment experience but only within sales and retail, what we do here is a completely different scenario.

A structured and supported training and induction sent me straight to success very quickly and the management are very approachable. I have never been in a company where everyone is so genuine and encouraging, from Admin to the MD and everyone in-between!

What has really made a difference by choosing D R Newitt versus some of the other agencies is the autonomy I am given and was given very quickly. I do not have to approach or recruit exactly the same way as everyone else. It is my personality, my goals and my understanding that are appreciated and what has made me into a very strong consultant.

High points so far:

• Sounds cheesy but every placement, making a client and candidate happy is still a huge buzz!
• I was lucky enough to build such relationships that I have now placed hiring managers and helped them build their own teams within some amazing and instantly recognisable worldwide companies. This give me a huge amount of pride, as even a year on I am championing my candidates in their careers and helping them grow!
• At the end of 2018 I qualified, along with most of my team, to travel to NYC as part of a company incentive. I have never experienced such a trip, honestly, I loved every single moment of it. Truly an experience I will never forget and will always be thankful for.
• Since joining D R Newitt, I have also been able to secure my property in Edinburgh, a huge accomplishment for me! My first task when I get the keys in a couple of months will be to have a HUGE BBQ with all of my colleagues and all food and drink provided by the companies I have worked alongside. What better pride could you have in your work?!

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Alex Williams

How did you get your start in recruitment?

I started my recruitment career with a 180 recruiting role in Malta for four months within the financial services industry, which equipped me with the base skills and a basic introduction to the world of recruitment. I wanted to challenge myself in an advanced 360 recruitment role handling both clients and candidates in what I felt would be a more rewarding role.

Following telephone and face to face interviews with the Directors at D R Newitt (Stephanie and Forbes) I was convinced D R Newitt was the right place for me to enhance my career and skills by giving me the platform to develop my knowledge, learn a new industry and take full control and responsibility of my own work.

Why D R Newitt?

I lacked recruitment experience when I interviewed at D R Newitt. They were the only employer who provided me with a clear and structured pathway to progress my career at the interview stage, as well as providing me with extensive training when I did come in the door.

There is a family feel to D R Newitt and it was excellent for me that Steph, Forbes and my manager Ryan were very hands-on with their training and provided me with the support I needed to progress.

Not to mention, the commission structure is extensively rewarding and has allowed me to achieve my financial goals of saving to buy my first house this year. There are also the incentives which have allowed me to travel to Dublin, go to the Grand National in a VIP suite and soon to be Mallorca as well, which I would not have done if I never worked for this Business

High Points so far

• Qualifying for three incentives in 10 months
• Changing people’s lives by getting them the jobs they’ve been dreaming of, whether it’s the progression they have been looking for, relocating to a different part of the country or getting a massive pay rise
• Building long lasting relationships with both client and candidates and assisting with their career progression
• Hitting target two years out of two (and currently on track for a third)
• Bringing in multiple new clients for D R Newitt

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Thomas McGlinchey

How did you get your start in recruitment?

My career began in Account Management within the Food & Beverage industry. Later I approached D R Newitt as a candidate looking for another role within the industry but instead ended up interviewing for their company as they had a Sales & Marketing Consultant Vacancy. Having family members who also work in Recruitment opened my eyes to the freedom and benefits that my previous Account Manager role lacked. Many familiar elements from my previous job still exist for example: Diary management, Business Development, Account Management & Time management. The main difference working as a recruitment consult is that I can earn far more than my basic salary due to the commissioning structure which rewards me based on my personal successes.

Why D R Newitt?

At first, I was apprehensive about getting into recruitment, after hearing horror stories that you could lose your job if you did not hit targets – this was not the case at D R Newitt. From day one I was trained and mentored by my seniors, Steph, Forbes, Andy and Richard Sneddon who provided me with a foundation of knowledge to achieve success. Each day I was learning new skills, from process management to new business development, which helped me to hit my monthly target continuously. D R Newitt’s amazing commission structure sets the company apart from other recruitment agencies, every single month I have taken home a high enough commission rate that has enabled me to save basic salary. My colleagues, the Senior Management and the clients are fantastic and makes me confident in my choice of recruiting as a long-term career.

High points so far:

• The commission structure is fantastic!
• Fostering relationships with key Directors and Hiring Managers has enabled me to continuously work to an exclusive level due to me placing numerous roles within their businesses.
• The sense of achievement from getting your candidates their dream job!
• Numerous incentives to hit including earning the chance to go on luxury holidays.
• Having saved up enough money for a mortgage, I plan on buying a property early next year - I couldn’t thank the team enough.

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