Gareth Llewellyn - Jul 25, 2018

The Job Offer

You have found the right person; you like them, they want the job, now to close the deal and how?


Today’s human resources marketplace is as competitive as ever. Companies go to great lengths to attract fresh, top talent in their industry, and being able to appeal to the right candidates is paramount. Screening the best people and thoroughly interviewing job suitors is not enough: businesses need to go the extra miles and give the best prospect employees a reason why they should get on board and get the job. In order to increase the appeal of their offer, many companies throw in a lot of notable benefits, including good salaries, perks and the chance to learn new skills.


Keep reading to learn more about all the steps you can take to increase your chances and persuade the right candidates to take up your offer!


Don’t waste time.

Many companies have very old-fashioned and lengthy practices when it comes to organising their recruitment tasks. This can lead to draining screening and interview sessions, as well as long processing times. Too much time before making an offer to your ideal candidate can turn off people who might be interested in the job. In addition to that, outdated and inefficient recruitment procedures might reflect negatively on your brand and business as a whole.


Make your offer stand out.

As mentioned earlier, being competitive is very important, and one of the best ways to stand out is towards making a fantastic offer to your candidates. To make sure that your company’s offer is up to snuff with the competition, do some research. What are your competitors offering? What are the current salary/benefits trends in your particular industry?

It’s always a good idea to get a feel for what your competitors are doing and hit the mark with a fantastic offer. In many situations, it’s very important to gain a good understanding of the market, possibly through some research.


A lot of people might be wondering “why” should they opt to work for you, and it’s imperative to answer them in the most comprehensive possible way. Highlight the fact that working with your company is not just about great benefits or an excellent salary, but also about fantastic growth opportunities, as well as being a part of a unique corporate culture.


Be open for negotiation.

Negotiating the terms of the employment, including salary or benefit is becoming more common than ever before. It is important to keep an open mind and being willing to make compromises to secure top talent in your industry.


Conversely, it is also vital to realise that not everyone will be eager to accept the offer, even if you throw in a lot of benefits, accommodate various condition or offer a great salary. There can be multiple reasons why someone would not want to join your company, and it is important to understand that some people might have reservations. For instance, some might feel that your business does not suit their personality, or they might think they would be a better fit with a different environment.


Work on your company culture and brand.

Many talented professionals don’t want just a job: they want to feel like they are a part of something to be proud of and are eager to join a company they respect and admire. This is particularly relevant if you are seeking to appeal to younger professionals, especially millennials, who are now representing the bulk of the newer workforce across several industries. Most people belonging to this generation are not merely looking for a way to make money: they seek to fulfil their potential and join a company that they see as an extension of their personality, talent, and skills.


For this reason, it is essential to be conscious about the standing of your business. Going the extra mile to develop a stronger brand and foster a distinctive company culture will eventually turn out to be an excellent investment, not only towards enhancing your recruitment process but also towards improving your business on a global scale. To this particular end, many companies invest heavily on creating content for their brand (particularly through the internet and social media), which covers the dual function of further establishing the company on the market, as well as raising awareness on the uniqueness of the company’s own culture.


In addition to that, the fastest-growing markets have a somewhat limited talent pool, meaning that companies go to great lengths in order to lure in the absolute top of the line in their category.


This is probably excellent news for the best candidates, who often find themselves juggling with various good offers on the table. On the other hand, this means that companies need to keep up with their competitors to increase their chances and appeal to new employers.


Management is a crucial aspect of this. As you might know, a bad manager has the potential to destroy the performance of your employees, or worse lowering morale and decreasing the appeal of the workplace environment. Abusive, incompetent and condescending leadership will only harm your business because most people don’t want to work with “micromanagers” who don’t really showcase respect for their subordinates.



This article barely scratches the surface: these are only some of the things you need to cinder if you want to make a difference in your HR and make the most out of your recruitment process.


In short, you can attract the right people if you work hard to become the best business you can be. Offer a high salary, build a strong culture and improve your image, as well as working on your management policies and learning more about the dynamics of your particular disciplines within the food industry.


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