Jun 7, 2018

How to brief your recruiter – Candidates need a hook.

There is a new project on the horizon and you need an agency to fulfil it. It takes a special set of skills to identify the perfect candidate for a role and although no one knows your company and its employees better than you, using a recruitment agency can save you time, money and give you access to a pool of top quality candidates. Conversely, get the briefing process wrong, you will end up wasting time and money and have an adverse effect on reputation in terms of what candidates think your business.


The Process 

Contrary to its title, providing a vacancy brief should be anything but brief. Any agency will need a considerable amount of information regarding the role, the team, and the company if they are going to find a good fit for your business. Ensure that you have a brief and internal details ready to hand so your recruiter knows exactly what they are looking for.

Ideally, you should pick an agency that is willing to invest in your business and develop a relationship long-term. The more your recruitment agency understands your business, your goals, the working environment and the expectations you have of your staff, the better the contribution they will bring. If you need help choosing the right recruitment partner for your business, read our previous blog “Things to consider when choosing the right recruitment partner”.


Before briefing your recruiter, you should know:


Reason for vacancy

There may be numerous reasons why your business is needing a vacancy filled. Is it maternity cover? Perhaps you are going through a rapid period of growth and have a new commercial need. Are you a business who is proactive towards trends and is in need of someone who can add value with a certain skill set? The reason for the vacancy in the eyes of the candidate is particularly important as it sets the tone for the beginning of the recruitment process. Clarifying this enables your consultant to sell the vacancy even further.



The Reporting line

Defining a clear point of contact as early as you possibly is vital for an overall smooth process. This stops any crossed wires of misinformation and will ensure the relationship between both recruiter and your food business only strengthens. If this part of the process breaks down at any point, it can potentially damage the view of your business from the candidate’s perspective. For example, if the candidate ends up repeating themselves in later negotiations, they may be put off.


Can the agency sell your vacancy?

It is all about confidence. As you are probably aware, choosing a recruitment agency who specialises in your industry can be highly advantageous. A specialist in your industry will have a good understanding of what you are looking for and will understand what a good candidate really looks like. They will have a solid understanding of the technical terms giving candidates confidence in their potential new employer. The consultant has a short period of time to explain the fundamentals of the day to day responsibilities, culture fit and the working environment. With this information candidates are then able to make an informed decision whether the role is going to be the change they have been looking for whether financial, location or personal development.


The Hook

Yes, a brief should provide an outline of the role, key responsibilities, and skills as well as the relevant experience required. We also understand that certain information may not yet be able to be disclosed, for example why the previous person left the position. However, the more we know and we mean the really detailed bits, the more personalised our approach can be to finding the perfect candidate. For D R Newitt, a brief should include:

The story: How did your company get to where it is today? Innovation: How is your company innovating? How is your company ensuring it is staying one step ahead of its competitors? Portfolio: what’s going on in your business at the moment? Who are you working with? And how are you working with them to achieve great results?

Providing these details allows us to bring the role to life and can show tremendous value in the eyes of the candidate.



Recruitment agencies elevate a food business’s ability to deliver great campaigns, engage new customers and ultimately drive revenue. Get your briefing process right and you will give agencies the solid foundation they need to deliver the work your business is looking for.

With our expert knowledge in food manufacturing recruitment, we can help take your business to the next level. If you have either a permanent or interim position available and want to discuss what D R Newitt can offer in further detail, call us now on 0131 226 5060 or email register@drnewitt.com. You can also visit https://www.drnewitt.com/contact/ for more information.


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